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Aspen Grove I & II Parking Lots

Recently, EMS completed an asphalt project for VRE Office Properties here in Franklin, TN. It seems easy, except after you hear of the challenges. 2020 has been an unprecedented and unexpected challenge to us all. Most commercial property owners were and are very unsure if “working from home” is the way of the future. Some commercial property owners have chosen to shelter in place, while others see this as an opportunity to fast track major repairs and maintenance. VRE decided to push forward the major parking lot project here at the end of the season. Normally, the seal-coating season runs from mid-April to mid-October here in middle Tennessee. However, we had unusually warm and dry weather in November. So off to the races we went. EMS moved in in-force and started the cleaning of the asphalt, blowing out of the cracks, sealing the cracks with SealMaster CrackMaster DF, seal coating the asphalt with SealMaster Poly Modified Coal Tar Sealer, then restriping the parking lines with Sherwin Williams Traffic Marking Paint. The challenges were the millions and millions of blowing leaves! We would clean a section only to find it covered again in minutes from the falling leaves. Several nights during the projects fell into the ’40s, so we had to start later the next day to allow the temps to warm up. All in all, the project was a complete success. From the pictures, you can tell how beautiful of a property that these two buildings are located on. Weather, cool temperatures, falling leaves, short workdays, are no challenge for the professional crew at EMS. Let us see how we can help you with your next project.