Home and property owners often wonder how to seal coat a driveway or parking lot. Basically there are three methods to apply sealcoating materials:

  • By hand with a broom
  • By pressurized spray application
  • By self-propelled squeegee equipment

Let’s go into more detail about each…

Hand Method

As the name implies, the use of either a special broom or hand-held squeegee is used. Sealcoating material is poured out on the pavement and is “broomed” to a consistent thickness. This method is used by many small contractors that do not have the equipment necessary to spray the material. Sometimes this method is used in small areas that cannot be sprayed effectively. This method is not very efficient.

Spray Method

This method uses pressure to force the sealcoating material from a bulk storage tank, through a hose, and out a special formed and sized tip. This pressure is created by either hydraulic pressure, or by air pressure. This method is widely used and is very efficient.

Self-Propelled Squeegee Method

This method uses a self-contained, mechanically driven, bulk tank, and applies the material by gravity into a series of squeegees and brooms that are attached to the rear of the unit. As the machine moves forward, the material is dragged by the squeegees and is forced into small voids and onto the surface of the asphalt pavement. This method is a premium application method, costing more, but giving the greatest value of all the methods.

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