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Eco-Friendly Sealcoating

What is Eco-Safe Sealcoating?

First, there are two predominant types of sealcoating emulsion materials used in the USA.

Coal Tar Sealer

This type of sealer is a clay stabilized coal tar emulsion with complicated PAH molecules that is designed to protect asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Based Sealer

This type of sealer is a mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion with specialty surfactants hat is designed to protect asphalt pavement.

That is where the similarities stop:

In the recent decade, several studies have shown that Coal Tar Sealer (CTS) could be harmful to the environment. While other studies have refuted their findings, the fact that CTS has many ingredients (PAH’s) that are known to cause cancer. So, we decided to start researching other products that are more “Eco-Safe” and “Earth Friendly” to apply. While many contractors prefer using Coal Tar Sealer, solely because it will hold up to 50% water content in its emulsion, we have chosen to promote Asphalt Based Sealers instead. Asphalt based sealer has the same wonderful characteristics to protect asphalt pavement like- a deep black satin finish, slip resistant, oil resistant, and more Eco-Safe than coal tar based sealers. When you have a choice, always chose Eco-Safe Sealcoating.

Here is the study in question:

Volatilization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from coal-tar-sealed pavement
2012, Van Metre, Peter C.; Majewski, Michael S.; Mahler, Barbara J.; Foreman, William T.; Braun, Christopher L.; Wilson, Jennifer T.; Burbank, Teresa L.

Chemoshere, 88: 1 – 7