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Residential Driveway Sealing

Asphalt Sealing for Driveways

You have heard and seen of all the scams out there about residential driveway sealing companies. They make the news every year by over promising what they can do, they never give you what you pay for, and they always charge more in the end than they originally quoted you.

The residential market is inundated by low quality, uninsured, inexperienced, scam artists. That is why, Exterior Maintenance Service, LLC has stayed out of the residential sealcoating market all these years. However, all of our commercial customers have asked, and asked us to seal their personal driveways.

Driveway Sealcoating Truck

Problem: Our equipment is designed to seal commercial properties, not residential driveways!

Problem Solved: Introducing our newest, Right sized , Residential Driveway Sealcoating truck.

Now, middle Tennessee’s most trusted, best equipped, and highest trained commercial sealcoating company has a residential driveway sealcoating division. Call now and see why we have been trusted and used by the largest and most prestigious companies in Nashville for years.

Asphalt Sealing Solutions

Broom or Brush Method– This method is used on residential driveways in many cases because the area to be sealed is small in size and may have many obstacles like garage doors, planters, and fancy brick inlays. The sealcoating material is poured, or pumped onto the asphalt surface, and then is “broomed” in a back and forth movement to evenly spread out the material.

Spray Method – This method utilizes pressurized material through a reduction nozzle wand and is applied by “spraying”. The material is applied by a back and forth movement producing an even coat.

Both methods are acceptable for residential driveways.