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About Exterior Maintenance Service LLC

Parking lot striping, sealcoating, and other paving services in Nashville TN

When you choose Exterior Maintenance Service for your parking lot sealcoating and striping needs, the first thing you will probably notice is the friendly way we answer the phone. Nobody likes to talk to a grumpy person or a machine. Just because we’re good at what we do doesn’t mean that we forgot where we came from!

We have years of experience in both customer service AND property maintenance. Not only will we treat you right while we do your job, the great results will last. And that’s what you want – the first impression of your property says a great deal about your company and is the first thing your customers and employees see.

Sure our machines are great, and our products are great, but our people are also great – and knowledgeable. Just like in your industry, the property maintenance industry changes every year. New machines, new technology, new products, new ways to apply those products to your property. But those things don’t do anybody any good if no one knows about them or, worse yet, doesn’t know how to use them! Every year our crews attend educational seminars and trade shows to learn what works best for you.

Another example of what we do for our customers: Exterior Maintenance Service uses accurate satellite mapping technology. What does that mean for you? It means that when Exterior Maintenance Service submits a proposal, you will be given a satellite image of your property printed with a color coded overlay showing exactly what work is being proposed down to the square foot. Yes, I said square foot – our stuff is that accurate. Be prepared to be amazed at how well we treat you.

We’ve been around for years, and we’ve built our business slowly – adding clients and capacity at a smart pace. Because of this, we have the resources to take care of you and your needs, but we also recognize the value of each of our customers. Don’t be surprised if we remember you the second time you call! Go ahead and give us a call today, and let’s begin a great relationship.