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Importance of Crack Sealing

Posted by Rob on January 19, 2015

Snow Melt

Posted by admin on December 3, 2014

Why Sand is Important in Sealcoating

Posted by admin on May 7, 2013

Importance of Crack Sealing

As property managers or home owners, you certainly have to manage your time and money or that of your clients’. To this end, we offer you the simple question: what is the best pavement maintenance is the best value? Sure, every step is important from periodic sealing of the asphalt all the way up to asphalt repair or replacement. But what activity can you do to the get the biggest bang for the smallest buck? read more

Snow Melt

With shorter days and colder temperatures, most people begin to think of switching to their winter wardrobe, the upcoming holidays, or maybe even seeing family and friends during winter vacation. But for property managers, this time of year brings visions of pipes freezing, HVAC tuneups, and snow and ice in the parking lot. Fortunately, Exterior Maintenance Service can help with this last one. We've been helping businesses and property managers with their snow and ice removal for over ten more

The Importance of Surface Preparation in Sealcoating

The Importance of Surface Preparation in Sealcoating There’s a saying among true professional sealcoating contractors: “Good sealcoating is 95% surface preparation”. Be sure your seal coat contractor is meticulous about surface prep. Here are some examples of important factors: ASPHALT PAVEMENT CURING Asphalt must be cured and solid before sealing. There are very simple tests which can determine whether the pavement is sufficiently cured. A contractor can pour clean water on the surfa…read more

Why Sand is Important in Sealcoating

Why Sand is Important in Sealcoating - Manufacturers of sealcoating materials strongly recommend adding a silica sand to the mixture. But why is sealcoating sand important? A few main reasons include: It increases the solid content in proportion to liquid It decreases glare from the sun It helps prevent wear It offers a surface more resistance to skidding We often run into contractors who refuse to add the proper amount of sand to the sealcoating mixture. But why?…read more

How to Sealcoat

Home and property owners often wonder how to seal coat a driveway or parking lot. Basically there are three methods to apply sealcoating materials: by hand with a broom, by pressurized spray application, and by self-propelled squeegee equipment. It's important to understand more about each. First the hand method: as the name implies, the use of either a special broom or hand-held squeegee is more

What is Sealcoating?

What is Sealcoating? April 16, 2013 by kemith Filed under News and Articles When someone asks what I do, I tell them about parking lot striping and sealcoating. Parking lot striping is self-explanatory, so the immediate question is usually the same: “What is seal coating?”. Surprisingly, many property owners and maintenance workers have the same question. Sealcoating (also referred to as seal coating) is a general term used to describe applying a top coating, or protectant coating …read more

Asphalt Repair – Replacement Patch

Asphalt Repair – Replacement Patch Asphalt repair is something most business or property owners need more often than they realize. Allowing parking lots to deteriorate and ignoring needed fixes heavily increases an owner’s liability. This isn’t a risk worth taking. Why not allow a highly-qualified sealcoating and asphalt repair contractor mitigate this liability? The process of repairing and patching asphalt can be quite simple. Here’s what to expect: Your contractor will likely u…read more

Local asphalt sealcoating: Improvement or Disaster?

Local asphalt sealcoating: Improvement or Disaster? This summer in Hermitage, Metro Public Works contracted a local company to improve North New Hope Road by applying a sealcoat to the road. Unfortunately, the work was done right before it began to rain, and the sealant, rather than having proper time to cure, became a wet, awful, sticky mess which splattered on to drivers’ cars and even driveways. Many people were very upset. Sealcoat does not easily come off of cars and must be treated prof…read more