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You would never spend good money on a beautiful new home and then allow the outside elements to destroy it. So why are you letting the sunlight, weather and traffic destroy your parking lot?

When you have a choice, always choose Eco-Safe Sealcoating. Choose EMS.

The importance of Parking Lot Striping is easy to prove. The next time you drive into your facility, look at the parking lot.

There are three types and causes of asphalt cracking. EMS can repair them all.

Asphalt pavement is often used for parking lots because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, and strength.

Concrete is a huge part of your curb appeal and public safety. It is usually used for sidewalks, stairs, curbs, gutters, parking bumpers, dumpster pads, dock pads, catch basins, walls and ramps. Concrete offers outstanding durability and longevity, if you have proper installation, well-designed site structures and regular maintenance.

We all know about parking lot signs, parking lot speed bumps, but what the heck is a bollard? So glad you asked!

Remember that new car smell? Remember the first time you tried on that new suit? Remember how great your bedroom looked with a new coat of paint? Chances are that you’ve become so accustomed to the day to day, that you’ve forgotten just want “new” looks like or smells like.

No two warehouses are the same, and we can custom stripe any layout for your specific needs. From safety zones, to employee walkways, and product lanes, we have the experience and knowledge to stripe your special needs.

Now, middle Tennessee’s most trusted, best equipped, and highest trained commercial sealcoating company has a residential driveway sealcoating division.



EMS Building ExteriorAsphalt Repair and Building Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance Service (LLC) is your one-stop shop for taking care of your property.

Parking Lot Striping – Tired of trying to find the parking space lines on your property? – we can help.  We are experts at Parking Lot Striping. Sick of looking at that old worn-out paint on the front and sides of your building? – we can make it look like new.  Exterior Painting will make your building look new.Asphalt Repair and Patching – Sealcoating Asphalt Nashville. Afraid those cracks in your asphalt are only getting bigger the longer you wait? – you're right, but we can stop them.  Nashville Asphalt Repair might as well be our middle name.Sealcoating – Is your parking lot looking old, dull, fading, even cracking? – Middle Tennessee Sealcoating is our specialty.

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