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ADA Parking Space Dimensions


1. Do you have adequate number of accessible parking spaces available in your parking lot?

1- 25 parking spaces need 1 handicap space accessible26-50 parking spaces need 2 handicap spaces accessible51-75 parking spaces need 3 handicap spaces accessible76-100 parking spaces need 4 handicap spaces accessible

Solution: Reconfigure a reasonable number of spaces by repainting parking lot stripes.

2. Do you have 8-foot-wide parking spaces, with minimum 8-foot- wide access aisles, and 98 inches of vertical clearance, available for lift-equipped vans?

At least one of every 8 accessible spaces must be van-accessible (with a minimum of one van-accessible space in all cases).

Solution: Reconfigure parking lot to provide van-accessible spaces.

3. Are accessible parking spaces marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility? Are there signs reading "Van Accessible" at van spaces?

Solution: Add signs to parking lot, placed so that they are not obstructed by cars.

For more information on ADA requirements, visit here.